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If you grace your event with the right music, your guests will love to be a part of your celebration time and again. Music attracts the senses but good music binds them to perpetuate a celebration. If you have unique, refined taste in music and want only the best DJ in Melbourne to play dance numbers at your event, then Starlight DJ can be your ideal companion. With years of experience as a professional DJ, Starlight DJ can spruce up any event with the type of music everyone would love to dance to.

Starlight DJ specializes in playing different genres. Whether you like trance or hip hop beats or just soft music, which picks up the beat gradually and culminates with a bang, Starlight DJ never fails to deliver on your expectations. This is the reason why Starlight is the most sought after DJ in Melbourne.

Make Your Big Day Special with Wedding DJ in Melbourne

It’s needless to say that weddings are special. Wedding is a union of two souls that marks the beginning of a new life; hence, the reason itself is big enough to call for a celebration. Starlight DJ can be a part of your celebration to make sure everyone present there do not feel bored while you are busy due to one reason or the other. Why should you consider Starlight DJ for your Big Day, if you ask? Following are the compelling reasons to hire us:


We are highly experienced and we possess an extensive playlist for wedding that could go on and on without repeating a song. This is not to say that you cannot have your favourite song played again.

Well Dressed

For an event as special as wedding, you would want a DJ who is well-dressed and approachable. Your guests will feel all the more comfortable with our decent wedding DJ around.


It’s your event and so are you the authority to decide the type of music you want to be played. We can sit down to discuss with you the various genres you want to be part of your customized playlist. Some couples have ‘special songs’ and we totally understand their significance in their lives. We can incorporate your special songs in our playlist so that we can play them at the right moment.

Event DJ Hire in Melbourne

We can provide the best Djs to be present at your event so that there never comes a situation when your guests start to leave the venue out of boredom. The peppiest tracks on our playlist should bind your guests and even make them dance the night away.

Easy Bookings

You can book our DJ services anywhere in Melbourne. If your venue lies on the outskirts or beyond the geographical boundaries of Melbourne, speak to us for a no-obligation quote.