Monthly Archives: June 2018

Thank you. The weather was terrible, but we had a great time anyways.
We were very happy with your services. Thanks - Samantha Baker
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Thank you so much the night was fantastic! It was great to have everyone up dancing. Everyone has expressed how fun the night was. You did an amazing job! We loved all the Latino music. - Amanda & Fedrico

We had a great time, was fantastic for us to see so many people on the dance floor having a ball for hours in length.
Everyone was happy with the music and had a great time.
Thank you - Cath and Marcus Kernaghan

It was a great day & night, thanks, we really enjoyed it. Thanks for your set, it kept everyone on the dancefloor and it was fun. Most feedback is positive. We were a bit surprised Riverdance was last song rather than Loch Lomond (however i think the girls may have requested this) and a few more songs off my playlist would have been good but all in all, everyone had fun and enjoyed it immensely. - Colin Scott

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