Thanks very much, the night was perfect! You were fantastic, perfect music and you were lovely and patient with the kids!

Thanks!!! - Katie Woodman

You were so much fun seriously awesome thanks so much - Shantel Dijak

Introducing The Bridal Party at a Wedding Reception

Everyone knows that a wedding is about the bride (and maybe a little bit about the groom). But the bridal party plays a huge role, mostly behind the scenes and they deserve to be recognized for their hard work. There are easy ways to make sure the bridal party gets this acknowledgement, but there are…
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Know How to Introduce a Couple at a Wedding Reception

Weddings are a great place to meet new people. Many guests may not know their friend’s spouse or those they are sitting next to during the reception. Knowing the appropriate way to introduce everyone is a great way to get things rolling on the right foot. The bride and groom are the stars of the…
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