Monthly Archives: February 2018

Yes the night went well. We were very happy with your DJ’ing and the playlists worked well, everyone seemed to enjoy the night. Thanks again. Glenn Milner

You were perfect!! You made it such a great night everyone loved your mixes

Thanks again!! - Melissa Borthwick

Thanks so much for your work at our wedding. we can point many positive things you’ve done at our wedding:
• lights were amazing
• nice playlist (especially the Macarena was a great choice)
• good sounds and well working microphone (thanks for allowing Alex to sing his rap piece for us as well as the Ukrainian dance and my mom song)
• beautiful MC presentation of the bridal party entrance in the reception.

Overall we are very happy about your work! If Ilia’s brother wouldn’t push to be the MC of the night, I would be more than happy to have you speaking at the microphone :)

The entrance in the dining area was sensational, with the right song at the right moment! Thanks so much for your amazing job!

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