Weddings are a great place to meet new people. Many guests may not know their friend’s spouse or those they are sitting next to during the reception. Knowing the appropriate way to introduce everyone is a great way to get things rolling on the right foot.

The bride and groom are the stars of the reception. While guests will recognize them, they may still need a formal introduction before congratulating the couple.

  • Introduction by DG or MC

The wedding DJ or MC offers the formal introduction of the couple into the wedding reception. There are a number of friendly and professional Melbourne-based DJ services. Usually, the bridal party walks into the reception as their names are announced. Once the bridal party has taken their places at the head table, it is time for the newly wedded couple to enter the reception.

To introduce the couple, the MC should call attention to the arrival of the couple, announce their names as they requested and then call for congratulation clapping. Wording is often similar to the following:

“Now, may I please have your attention as we welcome the new Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Elizabeth Sparrow! Please join me in congratulating the happy couple!”

  • Introduction by Spouse

As guests approach the newly wedded couple during the reception to congratulate them on their wedding, it is important that spouses introduce friends, distant relatives and coworkers to their new spouse.

To introduce a spouse to someone he or she does not know, follow these steps:

  • Greet the friend or relative by name.
  • Introduce your spouse to the guest, saying each of their names along with relationship to him or her, like so: “Sarah, I’d like you to meet my great-aunt Alice Bowslip.”
  • If there is further information, such as additional family members, include this information in the introduction: “Alice is married to my great-uncle Randy on my dad’s side. You know their children, Sam and Eric.”
  • Add any additional information that may be relevant to their future relationship. For example, if they have a hobby or friend in common, mention something like the following: “Aunt Alice, Sarah collects jewelry boxes from her travels, just like you do.”

While everyone is likely to remember the bride and groom’s names, it can be hard for the couple to remember everyone they are introduced to at their wedding. Therefore, it is important to make all introductions memorable by adding information about any special connections the two people may have when introducing them.

Make Introductions Easy

Introductions are best done right away, so guests know when the couple arrives at the reception. Also, introducing your new spouse to friends and family should be done immediately, so conversation does not continue without everyone involved knowing one or another.


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