Formals DJ

We had a massive ball of time for the formals but with dance restrictions and numbers we still managed to have aball of time. We played all the favourites tracks of all time, including the YMCA, macarena, Nutbush & many more party classics. Formals DJ posses a diffrent challenge keeping the party vibe on the dance floor. It’s imperative that the pary mood is kept alive and pupils requests have been played keeping the whole vibe of the party alive. The package was suited best for the vogue ball room. we have done couple of Formals DJ events in the ball room and our equipment was best suited for the acoustics of the room. Bass & treble was matched accordingly. Regarding the room shape design of the space, avoiding the cross-sectional of the room that easily cause sound focusing defect; we managed to keep the reverb volume to a bare minimum but focussing on the mid and low frequencies.

On the other hand, due to the high indoor sound pressure level of the ballroom, for example the big can reach up to 105 dBA, it is necessary to prevent the dance hall noise from interfering with the neighboring buildings and surrounding environment but keeping the bass to a maximuum effect for low impact punchy sounds.

In terms of FORMALS DJ music it’s always best to keep in mind that the music for such should bd clean as possible as you don’t want to give away dirty lyrics vibe. stick to the music that’s usually suited to Formal & research on the latest trends but don’t around hype.

Ballrooms are big places for people to get together and share an experience with those around them. Audio sound and mood lighting play a important role in the success of the event, we also have to make sure that event’s content is enjoyable during dinner and lit accordingly to the mood. Wireless microphone should be audible and should have enough sound to attract everyones ears. Get out latest posts


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