Celebrations are incomplete without music, whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, reception or a success party. Music adds an extra factor to celebrate your day with full enjoyment, and it could be made perfect with the best DJ in town. However, before hiring a DJ service, you should consider certain points to make your big day an unforgettable event.

DJ’s know the vibe, understand the crowd and play the music that matches the organizer’s style. Hiring a DJ service simply because of its low price may result in a bad deal. So, here are some questions to ask from the DJ before inviting them to a celebration.

Always Ask For the Music Library

We have often seen events where rock music is played in the background while the bride is walking down the Aisle. This is really exasperating and raises concerns about your DJ choice. So, choose a DJ who has good taste in music, who knows what song should go on at the start of the party and how it is to end.

You can ask the DJ about the music library and suggest your favorite songs. Hand-over the DJ the not-to-play song list.

Look for DJ Experience and Professionalism

Always prefer a DJ who has a lot of experience and has a reputed name in the market. Not all love that weird funky looking guys, your DJ should have a pleasant personality and manners to greet guests. A neatly dressed and sharp looking DJ will undoubtedly attract eyes and your guests will feel free to make song requests.

You can visit your DJ before hiring them and knowing their behavior and attitude towards customers.

DJ Equipment and Accessories

It is important that the DJ has fully functional equipment. From Speakers to microphones, lights to music cabinet, everything should be quintessential and ensure they meet industry regulations. Make sure the DJ is aware of the party laws and rules to play music in public.

If you have made the choice, ask the DJ to bring back-up equipment that can be used in case of any technical failures.

Check for Sample Music and Mixing Options

Before hiring the DJ, you can personally visit them and look at how they blend music and remix songs. One does not want to be silent when shifting between songs.

Moreover, look for whether they possess the flair to get the audience pumped up and how they keep the crowd engaged.

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