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We are a professional Melbourne wedding DJ hire service catering for your entire music and event needs.

Specialising in Weddings, we make it fun affordable and caters to all your entertainment needs.

So if it a Wedding, Engagement Party, Birthday Party, Corporate or Social Function , no matter how big or small, let us create a Night of fun and memorable moments!

It was hot humid day and we arrived 2 hours early to do the setup, being a wedding DJ you need to be prepared by showing up early and hauling all the equipment to the venue.

In this case it was s small venue that could hold upto 80 people. The whole rig was setup with speakers against the green backdrop and lights next to it.

Added touch to the room with mood lighting. groom also bought in few extra UV lights to light up the dance floor. View the post here:

We had the speeches and other fromalities done all the way and had a non-traditional first dance rocking to a old childrens tune.

The dance floor opened up to some party tunes including line dancing Nutbust and some RnB classics and lots of dance flooor hits.

Played some classics songs as well in the mix.

When it comes to a weddings, most people want nothing but the best of everything be it the classics or dance tunes. , lot of couples might struggle in the process of finding just the right mix of songs for the wedding day.

It is a big decision that the bride and groom need to make, as music is typically an essential aspect of most wedding receptions. DJ has a lot to offer in determining the atmosphere at their wedding, and they are putting a lot of trust in that person to do their job exceptionally well to make for an incredible wedding day.


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